IT Hurts(Rap Lyrics)

You are the few that are close to me,

So why do you keep insulting me?

I say something right,you say i am wrong,

When i say something wrong you laugh at my balls!


People call me an idiot,and i don’t care,

You call me an idiot,obviously,i care!

I know there are going to be many spelling mistakes,

So don’t laugh!It makes me make more mistakes.


You call me a dumb ass ,just for fun,

But don’t think how it would effect another one,

I say stop!You laugh at me,

For weeks and weeks it will continua to be!


I am who i am,you can’t change that,

I can’t think of anything else,my brain is hacked,

On that note,i would like to say,

you can change the look, but not the way!


That’s it from me for now,

I will see you around,





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